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Nerds Gummy Clusters

Nerds Gummy Clusters

Puffy, Nerd covered cluds of crunchy goodness!!

These delicious, melt in your mouth, fun goodies are now a new member of our normal menu of items as well!! :)

Nerds® is a registered trademark under license by Ferrara Candy Company. Rebel Farms is not associated with or sponsored by Ferrara Candy Company.

PLEASE BE AWARE that some candy manufactures prohibit the use of their candy names to be listed anywhere other than as an ingredient so, in order to prevent consumer confusion, possible trademark infringement and to protect the Trademark rights for each manufacturer, we have an obligation to inform all potential customers of the following.

#1 - We are in no way affiliated with, have a sponsorship association or represent any of the candy manufactures used in our products.

#2 - The Trademark for these candies are exclusive to each manufacturer and IS NOT owned or claim to be owned by Rebel Farms.

#3 - These freeze dried candies ARE NOT created by or sold by the manufacturer of the actual candies.

#4 - The candies that we use ARE authentic candies however, once these candies are Freeze Dried, the texture and the taste will change.

    $6.00 Regular Price
    $5.00Sale Price
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